Quitters take the L!

Ever feel like giving up? Who am I kidding I know you have…we all have. So much so we feel it’s a natural part of life, we have adapted giving up into our routines. It becomes especially easy to give up when things get tough.

With the influence of social media or media in general I have always had this held expect
ation for my self that by a certain age, at least 20, I would have been far along in my endeavor to attaining success. I would be prIMG_2259.JPGetty well known, making big girl moves, and have been recognized as boss lady. Honestly, I couldn’t feel farther away from that goal. I mean.. I’m not 20 but 18 is close enough! A few girls I have followed on instagram since freshman year and used to DM
, are now millionaires.. yes Millionaires! They have their own start ups and didn’t even feel it necessary to look into college. Watching them grow and proper before my very eyes, I can’t help but be overcome with the feeling of defeat at times. But that’s just it! you have to keep in mind the devil has an agenda too. God is Love and comfort not fear or negativity. I had to remove the things from my life that were posing as barriers, they bl
ocked me from clearly seeing the destiny God had for me. I had to detox my self from the negativity, envy, and temptation of comparing myself.

I am great and successful in God eyes;that’s all that matters.

Anything you desire or that has been put on heart to pursue has been put their for a reason. SIMG_2289.JPGecond guessing, doubt, fear are all the work of the devil, lead by faith. God has a list of promises he has made to us and through faith anything we desire we can have. Success is written in our destiny from God. Head and not the tail, first and not last.. He has declared this to us countless times! We have to stop
comparing ourselves to others be grateful for what we have and work
hard toward attaining the things we want. You can have and do anything with God on your side, if he is for you who can
be against you we are on the winning team. We will always prevail in God’s time.. the perfect time. We have a destiny to fulfill, Run Girl! Run after it.

Test!? No Problem

As a college student living on campus, you can only imagine the conflict and negativity that I face on a weekly basis. In particular, this past week has created a great deal of tension between my roommate and I. Although I tried to steer clear from the negativity and desperately clung to the thin strand of patience I thought I had, it has not been easy.  I could feel the rage begin to bubble through my veins, I thought I couldn’t take it so I prayed.. and prayed and prayed. I feel it was the holy spirit that calmed me down; constantly reminding me that every situation has a greater purpose and to get to the next level you need to pass each test presented to you. You become closer and closer to your destiny with each test you pass. Think of everything that is meant to upset you, anger you, sadden as a test. God wants to bless you and spoil you but in order for youIMG_2260.JPG to truly attain what God has for you, you need to be seasoned.

You know the saying, be careful what you wish for… or everything looks good from the outside, well they aren’t popular cliche’s for the sake of it. If God gave you everything you ask for with the drop of a dime, what would it be worth? We can’t step into our destiny without being fully equipped to fulfill the position he has waiting for us. If you think about it, It’s life. We go to middle school to gain skills to succeed in high school, we go to high school to get prepared for college, we go to college to become prepared to proficiently serve in the professional work force. God needs to prepare you, he wants to! He needs to prepare you for your destiny here on this earth. However you have to be willing, stand firm in the word of God, stay strong, lead with your heart and not feelings. Don’t let the enemy take you over, anything or any IMG_2289.JPGfeeling that is not love or sound of mind is not God. If you remember that through your test he will take the enemys’ plans and use them for good.

I watched this sermon the other week and it said “when you are weak God is strong”, when you feel like you are about to be overcome with anger or sadness that’s when you ought to turn to the Lord, for he is all you need. Turn on christian music and drown out those negative thoughts, get on your knees and pray, cast your cast onto the lord and he will answer. Pour out your heart to him.

 I thank God I am a warrior and possess the mighty and powerful armor of God because without it who knows where I would be. Although I do not pass every test as well as I hope, I try. I am so thankful god is a merciful and forgiving God. Stand Firm and declare you will pass the test.


Stay Prepared!

God is literally so funny man. He works in mysterious ways but through it all he always has your best interest at heart!

Pop Quiz! The two words virtually everyone hates, questions begin to flood every crevice of your mind; Am I prepared enough? Why didn’t I prepare? Why would this happen on the very day I didn’t review my notes?

Right?! We have all been there.. It kind of sucks knowing that you had the material; it was offered to you but you didn’t take the time to go over the notes or prepare yourIMG_2223.JPGself. You scratch your head and tap your pencil hoping that it will bring back some of that information your professor preached in his monotone drag the day before… maybe by the grace of a miracle you’ll receive an A. But why when it comes to a test that God gives us all the pressure to pass goes out the window? God’s pop quizzes are the only ones we should be willing to pull our hair out over.

This week I had a very trying week! Many tests came my way…I’m the first to say I didn’t ace them all but I came out with a strong B+.. ok maybe a solid B. Yet through it all there was goodness that came out of it. If you want to be used by God you have to strap up and stay prepared. The devil is relentless and will not stop  unless you prove to him you are on the winning team. If you are weak in the word of God, if you are weak in faith, or in your relationship with God he will attack if you are not prepared you will fail. I don’t know about you but F’s were never acceptable in my house.. who am I kidding Cs weren’t even allowed(I received my first C ever in my first semester of college). Anything worth having takes work whether it be preparation or practice. Just as I want to succeed in school I yearn to succeed in God’s book, that’s where I want my 4.0! That’s where I want to receive straight A’s. So I must prepare and stay prepared, we all have to stay prepared. Indulge yourself in his word, spend time with him, PRAY! Be a geek for God, Over achieve for once.

P.s. God loves you no matter what you GPA is:)


Oh..It’s better than Jamba!

On my new kick to a healthier lifestyle it has been hard trying to find treats that are healthy and delicious. But long and behold I’ve discover her and Oh… she’s way better that Jamba!

On my new kick to a healthier lifestyle it has been hard trying to find treats that are healthy, delicious, and affordable all in one, especially in college.(I know, us poor college students).Yet in the midst of my search and experimentation I have found the perfect treat; I didn’t want to play any games when it came to my lifestyle this up and coming year so I made it my mission to resort to what I know best!  And Oh, trust me it’s way better than Jamba!

Image result for screaming gifIt’s sweet, delicious, it’s tropical,  it’s impeccable(too much?). It will have you juicing every day! Seriously I’ve eaten at the dining hall twice since school has started back up. Its so good! I put my little twist on it and adjust it to how I am feeling that day, it always turns out amazing.

I bought a little ‘bullet’ resembling appliance, I’m not too sure the exact name but it was only about 10 dollars at Walmart. Yes, 10 dollars! And it works like magic. Then I moseyed my way over to the freezer section and grabbed just about every frozen fruit bag I could find (they even have them at the dollar store). Mangoes being my particular favorite because I just snack on those when I don’t feel like making a whole smoothie. I grabbed some milk and some vegetables to throw in there to make it taste healthy and Wallah!

Heres what I use to make my Favorite smoothie, Let’s call her Bang Bang Baby! I don’t know, something that sounds cute because thats what I want to be after drinking all of these!IMG_2203.jpgIMG_2205.jpg

~1/2 cup Soymilk (any healthier milk)

~1/2 cup 100% orange juice
~Handful berry mix/mango slices/peaches

~Handful of spinach

~Stem of kale

~2 tbsp of Chia seeds

~1 ripen banana

Blend (add a little water if it is too thick) and enjoy!


Consistency is Key!

“I’ve been married for 37 years” an older couple states. The statement is followed by a few sudden gasps, heart clutches, and an applause.

Yep.. that’s usually how it goes, but why is that? Why is it that as Americans we stand and admire things that should be. Maybe because for the past couple decades consistency and commitment has become a such a rarity. If there is one thing I agree with  about our generation it would be that we suffer from this sense of entitlement. If things don’t come to fulfill our expectations within like the first 90 days we are out and we quit or decide to give up. For me, this is more relevant than ever before, it’s so easy to give up or take the easy roIMG_2186.JPGute! Success takes more than that. Success takes diligence, effort, determination, and most of all patience. If being successful, starting a business, or following god’s plans for your life was easy everyone would do it. Nothing worth having comes easy, you have to be willing to work to attain success in this world and beyond. You have to decide if you want to remain the same for the rest of your life or if you want to be somebody. Over the past couple of weeks I have been exposed to the scripture Hebrews 6:12;

“Let ye be not slothful but followers of them who through faith and patience  inherit the promises”

It is so relevant! We have to have faith, We have to have patience and discipline. If you want to be someone in life you have to stick it out a little bit longer and try a little bit harder. With hard work and determination there is absolutely no way you won’t attain success. You have to sacrifice some things to attain your goals, dreams, and God’s plan for you. Be steadfast and diligent in your work and you will surely come to success. Ask God what he has for you and he will lead you to it! Be strong and stay consistent.



Be Committed.

Being a Committed woman in college can be difficult but learn to trust your journey and use this advice to help you along the way!

As I stated in my “About me” piece I am a college student. I am currently on the track of pursuing business law but I am looking to change to Global politics. With being a vital member of the UN and creating policies that globally impact the world serving as the ultimate goal, I feel this would be a better suit for me. I was planning on taking the more common route by pursuing law then going into politics, but I decided to stop listening to others and do what I feel and what I feel God is trying to show me. As I said I am working to walk by faith not by sight.

Aside from academics being a Christian woman going to a public college can be difficult. Before we had parents or mentors to look to for guidance and redirection, but in college it feels as if you are on your own in a way. College is the place where people want to “explore” their new found freedom; but I am here to say it is not worth it. I was very lost and lonely when I first came to college because I found my self trying to be something I was  not: going to parties, drinking, trying to get guys attention.. it just wasn’t me. Even tho I knew it was wrong I would internally argue with my self and try to justify why I thought a little sip of Ciroc wasn’t bad and that maybe just going to the party for thirty minutes was ok. I would wonder why I  was overcome with a sense of guilt and the feeling of worthlessness the next day (sometimes even as fast as the first few steps out of the dark, sweat filled, hot-breathe/buttcheek smelling party) … when everyone else was so happy and content with feeding their own pleasures. Quite frankly that is where I went wrong, comparinIMG_2183.JPGg myself. God has a special purpose for everyone and some things that you encounter are not gonna be for you; things that make one person happy or even a whole group of people happy is not always going to make you happy and that is ok. You are not going to fit into every crowd or mesh with every clique. You have to make an effort to find your niche, look to the lord, and ensure you are comfortable in your own skin. Make an effort to cast your cares and worries onto the lord instead of scrummaging for a quick fix. Looking back, I am so thankful because I know he was protecting me. Usually when you feel like you don’t fit in it’s because you are not meant to be in that crowd. He has a better plan and a better place for you; but yea… those first few months were very tough. I was very confused and lost. Reflecting on it, I realize I was constantly looking to fulfill others expectations of what the college experience is supposed to be like. Truth is, it is going to be different for everyone; your morals, values, and how you were raised will really begin to kick in (hopefully).

I feel college is the start of your life, the time where you will start being held accountable as an adult for all of your actions. Personally I want to represent God and myself respectfully and in a way that will make him proud. This is the time where we have to chose whether It is worth it to please others and our flesh or please God; do I want eternal life or 15 seconds of pleasure. I’ve realized God is so good to me and does so much for me I don’t understand why I wouldn’t want to give him the little that he asks for. I don’t like using others so why would I even think to selfishly use God.
I can not express how grateful I am for being back in a place of content, truth, and peace…the place I am suppose to be. I had to sit down and recognize what was really important to me. Don’t let the temptation of 1 hour of pleasure lead you off the path you are meant to be on, be strong in your faith and have integrity. Happiness and success will find you but you have to make that sacrifice and decide what is more important to you. College is a crazy place and it can be confusing if you are not committed to to the lord.. Shoot it can be confusing even if you are committed. All in all I hope that we can be strong.. strong for Christ, allow him to guide our footsteps. Be content with who you are and recognize what God has in store for you is exceedingly and abundantly greater than anything this world could ever do for you.