Quitters take the L!

Ever feel like giving up? Who am I kidding I know you have…we all have. So much so we feel it’s a natural part of life, we have adapted giving up into our routines. It becomes especially easy to give up when things get tough.

With the influence of social media or media in general I have always had this held expect
ation for my self that by a certain age, at least 20, I would have been far along in my endeavor to attaining success. I would be prIMG_2259.JPGetty well known, making big girl moves, and have been recognized as boss lady. Honestly, I couldn’t feel farther away from that goal. I mean.. I’m not 20 but 18 is close enough! A few girls I have followed on instagram since freshman year and used to DM
, are now millionaires.. yes Millionaires! They have their own start ups and didn’t even feel it necessary to look into college. Watching them grow and proper before my very eyes, I can’t help but be overcome with the feeling of defeat at times. But that’s just it! you have to keep in mind the devil has an agenda too. God is Love and comfort not fear or negativity. I had to remove the things from my life that were posing as barriers, they bl
ocked me from clearly seeing the destiny God had for me. I had to detox my self from the negativity, envy, and temptation of comparing myself.

I am great and successful in God eyes;that’s all that matters.

Anything you desire or that has been put on heart to pursue has been put their for a reason. SIMG_2289.JPGecond guessing, doubt, fear are all the work of the devil, lead by faith. God has a list of promises he has made to us and through faith anything we desire we can have. Success is written in our destiny from God. Head and not the tail, first and not last.. He has declared this to us countless times! We have to stop
comparing ourselves to others be grateful for what we have and work
hard toward attaining the things we want. You can have and do anything with God on your side, if he is for you who can
be against you we are on the winning team. We will always prevail in God’s time.. the perfect time. We have a destiny to fulfill, Run Girl! Run after it.

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