Test!? No Problem

As a college student living on campus, you can only imagine the conflict and negativity that I face on a weekly basis. In particular, this past week has created a great deal of tension between my roommate and I. Although I tried to steer clear from the negativity and desperately clung to the thin strand of patience I thought I had, it has not been easy.  I could feel the rage begin to bubble through my veins, I thought I couldn’t take it so I prayed.. and prayed and prayed. I feel it was the holy spirit that calmed me down; constantly reminding me that every situation has a greater purpose and to get to the next level you need to pass each test presented to you. You become closer and closer to your destiny with each test you pass. Think of everything that is meant to upset you, anger you, sadden as a test. God wants to bless you and spoil you but in order for youIMG_2260.JPG to truly attain what God has for you, you need to be seasoned.

You know the saying, be careful what you wish for… or everything looks good from the outside, well they aren’t popular cliche’s for the sake of it. If God gave you everything you ask for with the drop of a dime, what would it be worth? We can’t step into our destiny without being fully equipped to fulfill the position he has waiting for us. If you think about it, It’s life. We go to middle school to gain skills to succeed in high school, we go to high school to get prepared for college, we go to college to become prepared to proficiently serve in the professional work force. God needs to prepare you, he wants to! He needs to prepare you for your destiny here on this earth. However you have to be willing, stand firm in the word of God, stay strong, lead with your heart and not feelings. Don’t let the enemy take you over, anything or any IMG_2289.JPGfeeling that is not love or sound of mind is not God. If you remember that through your test he will take the enemys’ plans and use them for good.

I watched this sermon the other week and it said “when you are weak God is strong”, when you feel like you are about to be overcome with anger or sadness that’s when you ought to turn to the Lord, for he is all you need. Turn on christian music and drown out those negative thoughts, get on your knees and pray, cast your cast onto the lord and he will answer. Pour out your heart to him.

 I thank God I am a warrior and possess the mighty and powerful armor of God because without it who knows where I would be. Although I do not pass every test as well as I hope, I try. I am so thankful god is a merciful and forgiving God. Stand Firm and declare you will pass the test.


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