Stay Prepared!

God is literally so funny man. He works in mysterious ways but through it all he always has your best interest at heart!

Pop Quiz! The two words virtually everyone hates, questions begin to flood every crevice of your mind; Am I prepared enough? Why didn’t I prepare? Why would this happen on the very day I didn’t review my notes?

Right?! We have all been there.. It kind of sucks knowing that you had the material; it was offered to you but you didn’t take the time to go over the notes or prepare yourIMG_2223.JPGself. You scratch your head and tap your pencil hoping that it will bring back some of that information your professor preached in his monotone drag the day before… maybe by the grace of a miracle you’ll receive an A. But why when it comes to a test that God gives us all the pressure to pass goes out the window? God’s pop quizzes are the only ones we should be willing to pull our hair out over.

This week I had a very trying week! Many tests came my way…I’m the first to say I didn’t ace them all but I came out with a strong B+.. ok maybe a solid B. Yet through it all there was goodness that came out of it. If you want to be used by God you have to strap up and stay prepared. The devil is relentless and will not stop  unless you prove to him you are on the winning team. If you are weak in the word of God, if you are weak in faith, or in your relationship with God he will attack if you are not prepared you will fail. I don’t know about you but F’s were never acceptable in my house.. who am I kidding Cs weren’t even allowed(I received my first C ever in my first semester of college). Anything worth having takes work whether it be preparation or practice. Just as I want to succeed in school I yearn to succeed in God’s book, that’s where I want my 4.0! That’s where I want to receive straight A’s. So I must prepare and stay prepared, we all have to stay prepared. Indulge yourself in his word, spend time with him, PRAY! Be a geek for God, Over achieve for once.

P.s. God loves you no matter what you GPA is:)


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