Oh..It’s better than Jamba!

On my new kick to a healthier lifestyle it has been hard trying to find treats that are healthy and delicious. But long and behold I’ve discover her and Oh… she’s way better that Jamba!

On my new kick to a healthier lifestyle it has been hard trying to find treats that are healthy, delicious, and affordable all in one, especially in college.(I know, us poor college students).Yet in the midst of my search and experimentation I have found the perfect treat; I didn’t want to play any games when it came to my lifestyle this up and coming year so I made it my mission to resort to what I know best!  And Oh, trust me it’s way better than Jamba!

Image result for screaming gifIt’s sweet, delicious, it’s tropical,  it’s impeccable(too much?). It will have you juicing every day! Seriously I’ve eaten at the dining hall twice since school has started back up. Its so good! I put my little twist on it and adjust it to how I am feeling that day, it always turns out amazing.

I bought a little ‘bullet’ resembling appliance, I’m not too sure the exact name but it was only about 10 dollars at Walmart. Yes, 10 dollars! And it works like magic. Then I moseyed my way over to the freezer section and grabbed just about every frozen fruit bag I could find (they even have them at the dollar store). Mangoes being my particular favorite because I just snack on those when I don’t feel like making a whole smoothie. I grabbed some milk and some vegetables to throw in there to make it taste healthy and Wallah!

Heres what I use to make my Favorite smoothie, Let’s call her Bang Bang Baby! I don’t know, something that sounds cute because thats what I want to be after drinking all of these!IMG_2203.jpgIMG_2205.jpg

~1/2 cup Soymilk (any healthier milk)

~1/2 cup 100% orange juice
~Handful berry mix/mango slices/peaches

~Handful of spinach

~Stem of kale

~2 tbsp of Chia seeds

~1 ripen banana

Blend (add a little water if it is too thick) and enjoy!


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