Reminisce or…Remorse

A quick throwback of a few of our favorite things from the 90’s!

Looking back on my childhood makes me want to go back in time and reprimand myself for wishing the years away.. I mean come on, we had dunkaroos and Power Puff girls! I’m still searching for something better. They do say you never know what you have till it’s gone. Although I am content with where I am today, Glory to God; some days I wish I could go back in time and courageously tell people they stunk and/or enjoy the Saturday morning cartoons just a little longer. Here are a few things only us 90’s kids truly had an unconditional love for:

imgres.jpg Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi’s! I truly commend the creator of this little toy because.. what the heck!? I would sit there for hours playing the with my tamagotchi..literally just wasting hours of my life watching this little blob walk back and forth across this 5 cm screen.?



Looking at this picture lowkey makes my mouth water! They were so good! I would take these to school for lunch almost everyday and made sure all my classmates knew I had them. Only to not share (I didn’t say  I was proud of everything I did as a child). If these were to miraculously come back on the market today, Would I buy them?…yes!! But I would try not to indulge in them as much as before. #SummerBod2k17


Nobody could tell me nothing when I was playing webkinz! This is another elementary school game I would play for hours. No one had to ask me what I wanted for a good 2 1/2 years; every christmas, birthday, St. Patricks day, it didn’t matter, this was what I wanted. I would try to collect as many as I could when my friends would come over we could compare who had more and whose looked better.


The list could go on but thank God I am way more giving and less inclined to brag about what I eat!



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