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I’m so glad you’ve decided to join the little family created! This site is little snippet into my life and into my journey as a Christian woman and current college student. I want to engage with you all and make this a space where not only I feel comfortable but you as well. God has put many ideas on my heart and I eventually plan to pursue them head on but as of now I am to starting with this; My new blog! I was hesitant to start this but I made a decision this week, after God has continuously presented me with the message to “Walk by Faith”. Literally everyday for a week straight I would here those words, whether it be through a video I was watching or a song I was listening to, and to top it off the pastor said it at church this Sunday. So long and behold here I am ready to endure the promises he has given to me specifically. I hope that you take the time as well to sit down with God and let him guide you in all that you do, Walk by Faith! Make God the center and the Pinnacle of your life, and do it joyfully. That is going to be the motto of this blog and my life for that matter. I cannot wait to see how God’s plans for me unfold and I am so excited you are joining me. Enjoy!


Miizera Bradley♥

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Learn about Mii Life!:)

My Name is Miizera Bradley, pronounced (My-zere-rah). With a name like that you can imagine I have been called all kinds of things, many of which don’t even make sense to me, but I am pretty used to it and understanding when people make mistakes. It is a very different name, I have yet to come into contact with anyone with the exact same name, I’ve heard nyzera(h), Dyzera(h), even Ezerah; I’m not exactly sure how to spell the other names but you get the gist. Also they were all younger than me by a year or two, so I would like to consider myself a trendsetter from birth, haha! I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the home of the Philly cheesesteak and I’m highly convinced that it is the origin of high cholesterol and heart burn, because how do people eat a foot of bread, cheese, red meat!! I’m still appalled that I used to do that without any thorough thought… The WHOLE 12 Inches!! I am not a vegetarian or anything of that sort (I’m convinced chicken is what keeps my heart pumping) but that just can not be good for you!

Today I reside in the valley of the sun and I love it here.. I just love the west coast!! Waking up to the bright sun rays and warm weather keep me motivated, you know?! Feeling the heat caress your skin in the middle of January is something I thought you could only dream of! Additionally, Everyone is so happy and nice it’s just inspiring, it inspires me to strive to be a kind and loving person.

I am currently a college student and a devoted Christian, which can be tough. If it can pose as a challenge for me at times, I know I can’t be the only one! I want this to be a place I can look to as an escape; a community where I share advice, motivation, beauty tips, scriptures the whole nine! I can’t wait, I know this will be successful for me, I declare it. When you place God at the center of all your work success is the only thing you will attain, the only thing you can possibly attain, Through God all things are possible! I am so grateful I know him and I want us to grow in his name, together!


Also as we go through this journey you will come to realize that Proverbs is my favorite book (along with Matthew) and you may find me citing it quite often, but what can I say.



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